What we do


Specialized in Emerging Markets
What we do

FMO Investment Management B.V. offers professional investors access to FMO’s expertise in sustainable investing in emerging and frontier markets.

Our offering builds on 50 years’ experience resulting in an EUR 12.5 billion portfolio spread over more than 85 countries.

We scale up impact investing by providing investors access to FMO deal flow in sustainable emerging markets investments.

We do this by matching investor appetite with FMO’s experience in selected sectors, products and regions. The resulting fund propositions each aim for a diversified portfolio, where each investment we make should generate an attractive financial return and meaningful development impact.

FMO’s profitable track record proves that impact and return can go hand in hand. 

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what we do

  • Specialized in Emerging Markets

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    Emerging markets is a broad term, often automatically associated with the large “BRICS” countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa. FMO’s investment activities span a much wider universe and increasingly cover frontier emerging markets. These frontier markets have good growth prospects and suffer less from the volatility of global capital flows. more

  • Sector expertise

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    FMO’s core business throughout the years has been providing debt and equity financing to private enterprises and financial institutions in developing and emerging economies. Within its core business, FMO believes focus increases the quality of investments, thereby improving risk management, the service level that is provided . more

  • Meet the team


    FMO Investment Management was initiated in 2012, in support of FMO’s strategic priority of attracting commercial investors to our markets.
    Our dedicated team offers investor-focused and professional investment management services.

  • Our partners

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    FMO Investment Management teams up with established partners to offer the highest standard of fund management services to complement our own expertise and services. more