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At a glance

  • Who we are


    We are a licensed investment firm for qualified or professional investors. We match investors appetite with FMO's experience. more

  • What we provide

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    Sustainable investments in a widely diversified range of countries is what we provide by facilitating to invest alongside FMO. more

  • Meet the team


    A dedicated team offers investor focused and professional investment management services.  more

  • Part of FMO


    FMO Investment Management is a part of FMO, the Dutch development bank. To learn more about FMO go to www.fmo.nl

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How we work

Each investment is made to generate an attractive financial return and meaningful development impact.
FMO has been investing for impact and profit for 50 years.

Its profitable track record proves that these two can go hand in hand. FMO’s high quality portfolio is testament to its institutional quality. Deal selection, due diligence and portfolio management can be considered best in class.

The result is a stable return and profit even in challenging economic times.

  • Investment philosophy

    1. financial return and positive impact go hand in hand

    2. risk and return profiles in line with market

    3. making a difference requires scale


  • ESG and Active engagement

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    All funds advised by FMO Investment Management benefit from FMO's proven and pragmatic approach to sustainability. 

    Experience has shown that those who incorporate sustainable environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into their business have enjoyed stronger financial results and long-term viability.

  • Impact indicators

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    FMO evaluates the impact of its investments on a systematic basis - assessing the business success of the project or company, but also the extent of impact it has made on the local economy, community and environment. more

  • Sustainability


    As FMO Investment Management sources only investments sourced by FMO, the FMO Sustainability Policy is applicable on all investments it advises upon. 

    The FMO Sustainability Policy guides FMO's contribution to sustainable development as framed by the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs). The policy is in line with FMO’s vision of a world in 2050 where over 9 billion people can live well and within the limits of our planet. more

Some real examples

  • A catalyst to the underserved

    Vistaar IMG-20200603-WA0018.jpg

    Vistaar Financial Services was the idea of two first-generation entrepreneurs who had witnessed first-hand the lack of both financial and non-financial support for smaller enterprises and businesses across the country. It was clear that a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it came to financing wasn’t sustainable or practical in the long run; to truly help the local economy boom, customized products needed to be offered.

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  • A sustainable supply chain is a resilient one

    Farmers Africa Cacao

    The agronomic support provided  by Agri Commodities and Finance (ACF) includes efficient fertilizer usage, soil assessment, and post-harvest services like storage and transportation, empowering the farmers with the tools and know-how to maximize their output. One key pillar of ACF is farmer livelihood, as they focus on improving the standard of living for farmers in their supply chain.

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  • Filling the gap

    Bifacial Pakistan Gharo solar-3.jpeg

    This project is situated in the south-eastern part of Pakistan in the province of Sindh. Its provincial capital, Karachi, is the largest city of Pakistan and among the world’s largest megacities. The solar project financed by FMO makes use of innovative bi-facial solar panels, which increase total energy generation. This is the first time that bi-facial solar panels are utilized in Pakistan. 

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  • Making the most out of limited resources


    The irrigation works of the Olmos Irrigation Project were completed in November 2014. Since then Pampa Baja was able to develop their land in Olmos into fertile soils generate additional substantial employment opportunities for the local community with 500 permanent and 1200 seasonal jobs.

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  • When being large means you can make a difference


    Recently, Access Bank began to broaden its horizon to better service the MSME sector as part of its pan-African growth strategy. For example, the bank expanded its support in the retail segment to support job creation within the local economy, and became a frontrunner in women finance and services.

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