Financial Institutions


Cornerstone to a viable economy
Financial Institutions

Accessible finance is a cornerstone for viable economies and strong private sectors.  A healthy financial sector can bolster entrepreneurs and individuals. However, currently it is estimated that more than 4 billion people in developing countries still lack access to financial services.

FMO focuses on financial institutions with long-term goals that can boost their markets and communities. FMO has a strong focus on providing finance to financial institutions for the purpose of reaching micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), as access to credit for small entrepreneurs tends to be limited (“the missing middle”). FMO also supports financial institutions in reaching international best practices, for example in risk management, environmental and social management, corporate governance and client protection principles.

Financial Institutions have been a focus sector of FMO for decades. Through a portfolio of more than 200 financial institutions, thousands of entrepreneurs are reached and financial systems are being further developed in countries across the world.

FMO Investment Management is able to offer investors access to new investments made by FMO in this sector via these funds:

FMO Emerging Markets Loans Fund  -closed

Cardano - FMO SME Finance Fund - closed 

FMO Privium Impact Fund - open 

ASN Groenprojectenfonds(only green lines) -open