Our proposition

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A combined objective of investing for both financial returns and development impact

FMO Investment Management offers a selection of funds with different market based risk-return profiles to suit investor appetite.

All funds advised upon by FMO Investment Management share an emerging markets focus and the combined objective of investing for both financial returns and development impact. Below you will find a full overview of the funds we work for. 

At the same time we welcome conversations with qualified institutional investors, exploring where investor demand meets our expertise and FMO's investment strategies. FMO and FMO Investment Management encourage investors to engage in active dialogues on sustainable investment opportunities.

Current Propositions 

Currently all fund propositions we advise on are private debt funds. The funds participate in FMO loans which are mostly senior, structured and secured; loan terms and conditions are tailored to debt service capacity and to the protection of investors interests.

These fund propositions also offer portfolio diversification as FMO invests in a larger number of countries than the traditional EMD or EM corporate bonds universe. Furthermore, within the emerging markets loans portfolio, correlation tends to be limited.

Returns are less volatile, as the loans are mark-to-model and valuation is a long-term fundamental value, thus not affected by market sentiment-driven price movements.

The advantages of working with us include FMO's:

  • Profitable track record in sustainable investing
  • Almost 50 years emerging markets experience
  • Existing deal flow
  • Strong alignment by it's investing for own account
  • Relevant memberships including UN PRI, UN PIIF, GIIN

and FMO Investment Management's own MiFID license as investment firm.  

  • SME Finance Fund


    The Actiam-FMO SME Finance Fund provides capital to financial institutions in developing and emerging economies with a clear objective to improve access to finance for SMEs. more

  • Emerging Markets Loans Fund


    This fund offers European qualified investors the opportunity to invest in an attractive asset class that traditionally has a high barrier to enter. more

  • FMO Privium Impact Fund


    FMO Investment Management is the Fund Advisor for the FMO Privium Impact Fund.

    More can be found on: www.fmopriviumimpactfund.nl.

  • Green Projects Fund


    The ASN Groenprojectenfonds may invests in a number of FMO’s renewable energy transactions. FMO Investment Management is the investment advisor for these transactions. more

  • New Initiatives

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    Investing with FMO Investment Management involved, offers a profitable learning experience plus the benefits of FMO's proven sustainable investment approach to those investors that are either (or both) keen to learn or outsource parts of their investment portfolio. more

Assets under Advisory

Assets Under Advisory*

Investable Currency

Financial Institutions

Renewable Energy

Agribusiness, Food & Water


USD 256 mln



USD 110 mln



EUR 153.5 mln





EUR 40 mln




*As per Sept 2018