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Corporate Governance

We are strongly committed to our duty of care towards investors, ensuring independent decision making at fund level whilst benefiting from synergies with FMO.

We are strongly committed to our duty of care towards our investors, ensuring independent decision making at fund level whilst benefiting from synergies with FMO of which we are a wholly owned subsidiary.

To ensure FMO Investment Management can exercise its duty of care towards investors our policies & procedures are designed to be effective and create transparency. In many instances these are aligned with or based on those of FMO NV as we share the same values and business principles. FMO has for example a high quality investment policy taking environmental, social and corporate governance impact into full consideration before making any investment decision. As the funds we advise upon always invest alongside FMO, all fund investments meet FMO’s standards.

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  • Investment firm under MiFID license

    MifID is the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Directive 2004/39/EC). This directive governs the provision of investment services in financial instruments by banks and investment firms and the operation of traditional stock exchanges and alternative trading venues. Its aim is to harmonize legislation across European countries, increase competition and protect consumers of investment services. MiFID has for example requirements relating to the information that needs to be captured when accepting client orders, ensuring that a firm is acting in a client's best interests and as to how orders from different clients may be aggregated. More information can be found on the website of the European Commission or via the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets “AFM ”

    Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets

    European Commission

  • Transparancy

    We believe that transparency is essential for truly understanding any organization. For a development finance institution like FMO, providing transparency is an integral part of its public function. For FMO Investment Management it makes it easier to explain how FMO operates.

    To following documents are availabe for your convenience:

    • Remuneration Statement EN

    Speak Up policy
    FMO Investment Management is committed to uphold integrity and ethical behavior by encouraging (temporary) employees to (anonymously) report on e.g. fraud, corruption or other illegal activities in the event such activities would occur. FMO Investment Management refers to the policy adopted by FMO. FMO website

  • Organizational structure

    FMO Investment Management is an independent organization with its own license, policies, people and management board.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of FMO, the Dutch development bank, certain strategic decisions are subject to shareholder approval. Our Articles of Association stipulate those approval rights.

    • Articles of Association NL | EN

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  • Disclosure of investments

    FMO has adopted a disclosure policy outlining the scope and type of information that it makes available to the public. This policy does not provide any contractual or other rights to any party. FMO publishes a list of all its investments since 2013 on its website.

    This list not only shares the name and location of the client, it explains why each investment is made and how much FMO invests for its own account. 

    FMO Investment Management is as a subsidiary of FMO subject to the information published by FMO.

    FMO worldmap

    FMO disclosure policy