New fund initiatives


A profitable learning experience
New fund initiatives

As FMO’s results continue to show that profit and impact can go hand in hand. FMO is keen to share its over 50 years of investment experience in emerging and frontier markets with institutional investors through FMO Investment Management.

We welcome conversations with qualified institutional investors, exploring where investor demand meets FMO's expertise and investment strategies and how FMO Investment Management could be of help in integrating ESG into their portfolios and mandates. FMO and FMO Investment Management encourage investors to engage in active dialogues on sustainable investment opportunities.

By opening up FMO’s deal flow to investors we provide access to FMO’s portfolio where active engagement is an integrated part of the selection and management of investments.

Investing via FMO Investment Management offers a profitable learning experience plus the benefits of FMO's proven sustainable investment approach to those investors that are either (or both) keen to learn or outsource parts of their investment portfolio.

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