Attractive financial return & meaningful development impact
Our investment approach

Each investment is made to generate an attractive financial return and meaningful development impact.

FMO's commitment to sustainability and responsible investment is confirmed by the high rating it received from rating agency Sustainalytics and German rating agency ISS ESG oekom research.

In 2020 Sustainalytics performed its latest review of FMO. FMO received the lowest risk rating in the entire Sustainalytics database of 12,781 organizations at the time [2020]. And therefore also ranks number one in the industry group (banks) and subindustry (peers).

As Sustainalytocs the ESG risk ratings are categorized across five risk levels: negligible, low, medium, high and severe. In the report about FMO Sustainalytics states that FMO has a negligible risk experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors, due to its low exposure and strong management of material ESG issues. 

German rating agency ISS ESG oekom research has classified FMO as “Prime”, highest among financial institutions. This means that, according to ISS ESG oekom, FMO is among the leaders within its industry with regard to sustainability.

These ratings further demonstrate FMO’s commitment to sustainability and responsible investment.

As FMO Investment Management provides access to FMO's investments, these ratings are an important indicator for the sustainability quality of the fund propositions we offer.

Sustainability Policy

As FMO Investment Management sources only investments sourced by FMO, the FMO Sustainability Policy (latest version published January 4, 2017) is applicable on all investments it advises upon. 

The FMO Sustainability Policy guides FMO's contribution to sustainable development as framed by the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs). The policy is in line with FMO’s vision of a world in 2050 where over 9 billion people can live well and within the limits of our planet.

The FMO Sustainability Policy is the leading document in the FMO Sustainable Policy Universe. The policy guides all of FMO’s actions. FMO operates in specific market-circumstances that require an adaptive and realistic approach to supporting the transition to a sustainable global economy. Therefore, the policy should be read in conjunction with the "Implementing the Sustainability Policy" document that frames specific dilemma’s for FMO in implementing the Sustainability Policy.

Click here to read the latest version of the FMO Sustainability Policy.

FMO Investment Management is able to report on several impact indicators and towards the SDGs.

Click here to read our guiding principles on SDG reporting at fund portfolio level.

To find out more about our how we measure impact indicators, click here.