News detail - Investors attracted to impact investing in private debt


Investors attracted to impact investing in private debt

July 16, 2021

FMO Investment Management and NN Investment Partners are happy to announce that the Emerging Market Loan fund closed a USD 150m second compartment. The fund, which already invested over USD 400 million in its first compartment, continued to attract investors after its second close in March 2020. This development signals the increasing interest by investors challenged by two secular trends: the ongoing search for yield and the aim to create impact, the latter driven by growing awareness around climate and ESG regulation.

Impact investing in private debt tackles addresses these challenges and can offer a solution for institutional investors. Read more about how this solution enables investors to co-invest alongside FMO in private loans to financial institutions, renewable energy projects and agribusiness companies in emerging markets, with measurable impact: Emerging Markets Loans Fund I & II

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