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events & more
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Team members of FMO Investment Management attend and speak at various events througout the year.
Very occasionally we organize our own. A selection of these are listed below.


  • The new IRR - 4 ways to define impact


    Last year I posted a blog called “The new IRR - Impact, Risk and Return”. With almost 900 viewers, this blog is my best read post to date and triggered many enthusiastic reactions. In essence, I advocated a new IRR: looking at every investment taking into account its Impact, Risk and Return.

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  • Towards a more inclusive top 100


    "Influential people from emerging market countries make up a far smaller share than emerging markets’ 85% share of the world’s population, their 75% of global land mass or their 55% share of global GDP."

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  • Impact investing as a stable alternative

    globe on a hand.jpg

    “Well, emerging markets were down 3% again today.”  This is how an institutional investor kicked off a meeting with one of my colleagues recently.

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    Promoting the SDGs on FMO Building.jpg

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been widely adopted as a useful framework for impact investing. Really? 

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been widely adopted as a useful framework for talking about impact investing. Really!  

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  • Daar waar het verschil echt gemaakt kan worden


    Na het succes van de eerste close van het NN FMO Emerging Markets Loans Fund zijn afgelopen week de eerste investeringen gedaan. Maureen Schlejen, hoofd institutionele relaties NN Investment Partners en Yvonne Bakkum, Managing Director van FMO Investment Management gaan in op de achtergronden van deze succesvolle launch.

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Vlogs, Video's & more

  • Raising the bar @Harvard

    On October 26th, 2017 Yvonne Bakkum lectured impact investing classes at Harvard Kennedy school.  
    Watch her vlog and share her experience.
    Visting Harvard

  • BNR Newsradio Interview

    On November 13, 2017 Yvonne Bakkum was a guest in the studio of BNR newsradio - a well known and renowned Dutch radio station for the business comunity.

    The interviewed focussed on impact investing and how investors can create more impact by investing via FMO Investment Management.

    Listen to the whole interview (in Dutch) here. BNR News Radio - Zakendoen  

  • Research covering 2000 studies on ESG vs CFP

    The search for a relation between environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and corporate financial performance (CFP) can be traced back to the beginning of the 1970s. Scholars and investors have published more than 2000 empirical studies and several review studies on this relation since then. This study extracts all provided primary and secondary data of previous academic review studies.

  • More interesting things

    Of course there is much more interesting information to find on the web.

    Here are some of our favorites:

Some real examples

  • A catalyst to the underserved

    Vistaar IMG-20200603-WA0018.jpg

    Vistaar Financial Services was the idea of two first-generation entrepreneurs who had witnessed first-hand the lack of both financial and non-financial support for smaller enterprises and businesses across the country. It was clear that a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it came to financing wasn’t sustainable or practical in the long run; to truly help the local economy boom, customized products needed to be offered.

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  • A sustainable supply chain is a resilient one

    Farmers Africa Cacao

    The agronomic support provided  by Agri Commodities and Finance (ACF) includes efficient fertilizer usage, soil assessment, and post-harvest services like storage and transportation, empowering the farmers with the tools and know-how to maximize their output. One key pillar of ACF is farmer livelihood, as they focus on improving the standard of living for farmers in their supply chain.

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  • Filling the gap

    Bifacial Pakistan Gharo solar-3.jpeg

    This project is situated in the south-eastern part of Pakistan in the province of Sindh. Its provincial capital, Karachi, is the largest city of Pakistan and among the world’s largest megacities. The solar project financed by FMO makes use of innovative bi-facial solar panels, which increase total energy generation. This is the first time that bi-facial solar panels are utilized in Pakistan. 

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  • Making the most out of limited resources


    The irrigation works of the Olmos Irrigation Project were completed in November 2014. Since then Pampa Baja was able to develop their land in Olmos into fertile soils generate additional substantial employment opportunities for the local community with 500 permanent and 1200 seasonal jobs.

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  • When being large means you can make a difference


    Recently, Access Bank began to broaden its horizon to better service the MSME sector as part of its pan-African growth strategy. For example, the bank expanded its support in the retail segment to support job creation within the local economy, and became a frontrunner in women finance and services.

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